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Académie Européenne des Arts


In 1965, founder Maurice Gibert, a visionary French, and co-founder Consuelo BARRIO (Spain), with the help of Alphonse Crépin (Belgium), founded the Académie Européenne des Arts (AEA), aiming to support artists (their “friends”), out of friendship and sharing. They began a path of “help and exchange” among artists, organizing exhibitions and awards and giving them the right feedback. It is an ongoing commitment that has persisted to date.

The goal of the Academy is to introduce talented artists to each other, with the primary intent of internationalizing art and artists themselves, facilitating collaborations between different countries and generating opportunities, even just exchanging “invitations” to exhibitions, or having the possibility to exhibit together.

In 50 years, the Academy has achieved a European dimension, promoting a message of friendship and cultural exchange from France, Greece, Luxembourg, Romania, Austria, Morocco, Belgium, Spain, Germany, and other countries. This message is based on seriousness, solidarity and, above all, collaboration between different countries, involving hundreds of artists over the years, many of whom are still active in the art world.

In 2019, the statute and committees were changed, starting this new project. The logo was updated as well as the whole graphic aspect of the image, creating a renewed and common graphic “line” for the entire AEA. The different European countries were previously identified as Academy Committees but have now become Consulates chaired by an ambassador. They include a scientific committee composed of at least three experts for each chosen art category ̶ among painting, sculpture, poetry, music, dance, theatre, and design. If there is no committee in the country, reference is made to the Italian Committee.

In 2019, while continuing with the development of the main project, the use of new technologies began, which represent the greatest revolution in the last decade considering the ongoing socio-cultural changes. Social media and communication facilitate and open the way to the goal of the AEA, offering an important synergy between history and current events, art and technology.

The selections are open to contemporary artists representing the main visual arts: painters, sculptors, photographers, dancers, singers, actors, poets, art critics, enthusiasts, restorers.

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