List of services included in the registration:

(Annual membership fee 250 €)


• Certificate of Registered Academic Artist;
• A.E.A. Card annual;
• MAISON DES ARTS Club Card with related services;
• Direct participation in the Call for the Eu traveling museum Emerging Academic Artists;
• Presence of max 3 works in the Academic Works Sale Room;
• Presence in the A.E.A.General Catalog, in digital format;
• Personalized Artist Presentation on Social;
• Authentication of 3 works by the Acadèmie Europèenne Des Arts;
• Individual exhibition both on site and in streaming for 7 days;
• Participation in collective exhibitions A.E.A. without selection;
• Possibility of holding your own courses both on-site and online, market through A.E.A., audio books, own courses etc;
• 30% discount on academic courses;
• Bureaucratic management;
• Sales management operates with commission (20%) A.E.A .;
• Intermediation of works by the A.E.A (auction), with 40% commission;
• Registration in the register of art critics A.E.A .;
• Registration in the register of art restorers A.E.A .;
• Legal management through A.E.A lawyer;
• International and national tax management;
• Shipping management;
• Management of document passage;
• Authenticity certifications of the work for sale;


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IBAN: LU124080000092221110


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